Tips to set up your home yoga practice


The changes we have all navigated recently have been huge, and for most of us, our lives look completely different. Like most things this too will pass, but until then it is important to look after ourselves and nurture both our bodies and minds.

One way to do this is to transition your yoga practice from the studio to home.

I recognise that for many of us this is easier said than done! I know I struggled with the motivation to get going and wasn’t sure where to start. As soon as I stepped on the mat my mind would go blank and all those years of practice would disappear! It took me a long time to get a home practice that worked for me, and I continue to fine tune it as I learn new ways to improve on what I do.

Woman sitting crossed legged on yoga mat with arms above head

Here are some tips to support you to get started at home.  I hope they make it a little easier and help you avoid some of the pot holes I hit along the way.

Find an online class

Check to see if your yoga studio or teacher offers classes online.  Many teachers and studios already have live streaming or offer pre-recorded classes.

There are also a huge range of yoga classes on You Tube. From local Sydney teachers to international teachers such as Adriene Mishler (Yoga with Adriene), there is lots to try out.

If you would like a (free) list of links to some yoga teachers and studios that you can practice with online just message me at, Instagram or Facebook.

Set up a regular time

To help you get into a regular routine try and practice at the same time or days of the week to get you into the flow.

It doesn’t need to be an hour

Even a regular 15 minute practice gets your body and breath moving.  Something is better than nothing!

Allow enough time

Pick times when you know you won’t be interrupted and aren’t rushing. If you live with others, let those around you know that you will be practicing your yoga or mediation.  This way you can relax into your session and enjoy it without feeling distracted.

Mix it up

Keep it interesting. Try out different styles and practices. Perhaps it is Hatha one day, Vinyasa the next and a bit of Yin to finish off the week!

Try an app

There are so many out there to inspire your practice…my personal favourite is Downward Dog app, which I use at home and when I am travelling.

You can choose your preferred practice (yin, quick flow, hatha etc), level (eg beginner, advanced), length of time and even certain areas of the body to focus on in the session (anyone else with tight shoulders!).

Tip – if you prefer not to use your phone screen to practice you can easily mirror it onto your TV!

Hope these tips help. Happy practicing!

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