• What is Palo Santo?

    What is Palo Santo?

    The Palo Santo tree is native to Peru and its wood, oil and resin have been used by indigenous people for centuries to treat pain and clear negative energy. Read this blog to find out more about this smudging tool.
  • 8 of my favourite wellness apps

    8 of my favourite wellness apps

    Setting aside time for yourself each day is so beneficial to your wellbeing, but often falls to the wayside in our busy lives. Why not make wellness easier by using one of these apps to seamlessly incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your day. Here are 8 of my favourites to get you started. CalmCalm is the one-stop shop for daily guided meditations in varying...
  • Benefits of journaling

    Benefits of journaling

    Journaling is a simple way to practice mindfulness and express gratitude, and all that is required is a notebook and pen. Read this blog to find out more about its benefits and tips to get started.
  • The Yoga Wisdom Texts

    The Yoga Wisdom Texts

    Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor & Coach, Barbara Courtille, takes us through a summary of the influential yoga texts that have helped shape the yoga many of us practice today.
  • Manifesting your desires

    Manifesting your desires

    So, you want to manifest something new into your life, but it feels too far out of reach.  In this guest blog, Christine Agha will guide you to lead and nurture yourself out of your comfort zone to manifest all you desire.
  • Yoga and meditation for personal growth

    Yoga and meditation for personal growth

    In this blog post I look at the different ways yoga and meditation can support your growth; both mentally and emotionally.
  • Introduction to different types of yoga

    Introduction to different types of yoga

    Interested in trying yoga? It's important to find the type that best suits you. This blog is an overview of some of the most popular types of yoga.
  • What is a mala?

    What is a mala?

    Not sure what a mala is? Got questions about when or how to use a mala? Or just intrigued to know a bit more about malas? This blog is for you.
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