Bracelet size chart

I hand make all the bracelets right here in Sydney, Australia.

Unless noted in the product description, I make most bracelets in medium. If you like, I can make up a bracelet as small or large on request. Just email me at or put a note in the ‘Order Notes’ box at checkout.

Please note, depending on availability of materials, there is usually a two week turnaround for custom orders, excluding shipping.

*Size may vary slightly due to differences in gem stone and Rudraksha seeds.

 Bracelet size* Women’s Men’s
Small 6.25-6.75” 7-7.5”
Medium 7-7.5” 7.75-8.25”
Large 7.75-8.25” 8.5-9”

    Measuring your wrist

    Step 1: Use a strip of paper or flexible tape to measure where you prefer to wear your bracelet.

    Step 2: Mark on the paper with a pencil where the paper overlaps or make a note of the measurement on the tape measure. This is your wrist size.

    Step 3: Use the chart below to find your bracelet size. Consider whether you want a snug, comfort or loose fit.

     Fit Add to Wrist Size
    Snug/tight fit Add ¼’to ½’’
    Comfort fit Add ¾’’ to 1 ¼’’
    Loose fit Add 1 ¼’’
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