Activating your mala

When you first receive your mala you may like to cleanse and activate it.

You can run your mala through the smoke of a smudge stick to cleanse it. Once it is cleansed, hold your mala in your hands, against your heart or on your third eye. Picture the energy that you would like to infuse it with flowing from you, into your mala, and set an intention you would like to pair with your mala.

Caring for your mala

Your mala is a beautiful piece of jewellery.  It is also a sacred and precious object that needs some special care.  To look after your mala and give it a long life, here are some care guidelines.

  • Keep your mala in its pouch or hanging somewhere safe when you are not wearing it.
  • Do not wear it while bathing, swimming, at the beach or while sleeping.
  • To keep its tassel fresh and tidy, you can gently wash it and comb out while damp with a wide toothed comb.  Leave it to dry overnight before wearing.
  • To cleanse the crystals and seeds you can bathe your mala under a full moon, or alternatively smudge it to purify and release energy stored in the beads that does not serve you.
  • Avoid twisting the guru bead or playing with the tassel as this weakens the thread and can cause it to break prematurely.
  • Treat it at all times with care and a gentle touch.

What to do with broken malas

Over time your mala string will naturally wear and will eventually break. This means your mala has served its purpose and your intentions and prayers are being released to the Universe.

Both yogic and Buddhist traditions say that a broken mala indicates a spiritual break through. It is seen as an opportunity to reflect on how far you have come.

It is a great time to let go of intentions and beliefs that no longer serve you, and set new intentions. Think about what you would like to manifest and focus on this as you set your new intentions.

You can store the beads from the broken mala in a little pouch.  Carry this pouch with you to remind you of your journey, or if you have an altar or special space at home you might like to place the pouch on it.

Alternatively, if you do not feel that you have fully completed the intention you were working with you can choose to repair it.

If you have purchased a Seeds of Wonder mala I can restring it for you so you can finish working with your intention. To repair a knotted Seeds of Wonder mala is $60 and to restring my other malas is $40 (plus shipping). If you would like more information about this service email me at

My 60-Day Guarantee

In the unlikely event your Seeds of Wonder mala should break within 60 days of purchase I will restring it for you for free.

Just email me at with your proof of purchase and a picture and I will be in contact to make arrangements.

Exclusions: I reserve the right to void the warranty where a mala shows signs of modification, where it has not been cared for within the guidelines above, abused or has suffered damage beyond normal wear and tear.


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