How much water should you drink a day?


Do you know how much water you should drink a day?

We are made up of about 60% water and our blood is about 90% water. It is no surprise that to function optimally, all the cells and organs of the body require us to drink water.

There is no universally agreed quantity of water to drink, but it is commonly agreed that most adults don’t drink nearly enough water.

How much you need to drink varies between people and has many variants, such as activity, sweat, environment, and other factors.


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Tips to drink more water

I struggle to drink enough water, despite never having any trouble remembering to drink my morning coffee! So a number of years ago I made it my New Year’s resolution to drink at least 1.5 litres a day. I still don’t manage it every day but I have got better.

One trick I love is to fill my bottle with warm water. When I notice the water is cold it reminds me I am drinking too slowly and need to make more of an effort!

Most recently my other trick is having a litre bottle on my work desk. I find I am so used to drinking two 600ml bottles minimum a day at my desk that I automatically drain two top-ups of my 1-litre bottle without consciously realising that means I am drinking 2 litres before dinner!

I accidentally tripped over this trick, having purchased a 1-litre bottle to trial a new product for Seeds of Wonder. I only got this size as I already had a couple of 600ml bottles. That’s right - it is the 1-litre ‘Thermie’ Beloved Child Co bottle that sits on my desk!

If you want to try my trick you can get yours here.

I hope these tips help you drink more water and feel great!

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