• Using yoga blocks to transform your practice

    Using yoga blocks to transform your practice

    When Sydney based yoga teacher, Jade Hunter, invited blocks into her yoga routine it changed her entire practice. Find out more in this special guest blog written by Jade from Zone by Lydia.
  • Meditating with your mala

    Meditating with your mala

    While malas look beautiful one of their most common uses is as a meditation aid. Meditating with your mala helps you focus more easily by creating a repetitive movement that generates a focal point to direct your wandering mind towards.
  • How to choose your mala

    How to choose your mala

    Your mala is a very personal spiritual tool. There is no wrong way to choose your mala but with so many designs to choose from it can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you through the process.
  • Magical Mandalas

    Magical Mandalas

    Mandalas are found within many religions and cultures and have been used in Eastern culture for hundreds of years for meditation and prayer. They are considered to hold symbolic spiritual power and to bring about deep inner transformation.
  • Introducing kids to yoga and meditation

    Introducing kids to yoga and meditation

    If you have ever observed children at play, you would probably have seen them naturally moving through some yoga asanas, completely oblivious to the fact they're doing yoga. So how can you help your child invite more yoga practice into their lives?
  • Yoga Nidra – the yogic deep, awake sleep

    Yoga Nidra – the yogic deep, awake sleep

    Yoga Nidra is one of the few practices where it is not so much about the journey, but more about the destination. Find out more about what is often known as yogic sleep in this blog!
  • Ayurveda – yoga’s sister science

    Ayurveda – yoga’s sister science

    Practiced for centuries, Ayurveda centers on creating balance in your life: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Find out more about yoga’s sister science in this blog.
  • What’s in a mudra?

    What’s in a mudra?

    Mudras are hand and body postures where your body (often your fingers) are held in specific positions. These positions relate to and influence the flow of energy throughout the body.
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