Christine Agha – manifesting and how to get out of your own way


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Join me as I chat with Christine Agha, an NLP Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Medium. We talk about manifesting and importantly, how to get out of your own way to support your manifestation to take flight. Christine shares practical tips you can use at home to support your manifestation practices as well as ways to better connect with your own inner voice.

Christine works with mums and women in business and leadership roles who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, being highly sensitive or feel like they can’t control their emotions. She is passionate about supporting women to master and manage their energy and emotions, heal, rewire their mindset for success and awaken their intuition so that they can show up each day as the best version of themselves. For the last 9 years, she has empowered hundreds of women to heal their past, connect with their inner guidance system and achieve Emotional Mastery and take back control of their mind, body and their life.

You can connect with Christine on Instagram @christine_agha or on her website

She also has her private Facebook group, Emotional Mastery for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Women with Christine Agha – you can join it here.

Click here for the link to the FREE MASTERCLASS: Awaken and Amplify Your Connection To Your Inner Guidance System

Or you can book a 15 minutes call to explore working with Christine here.


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