Catherin Zimbounellis, Cat Zim Moves – yoga for your body and myth busting!


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In this episode I chat with Catherin Zimbounellis from Cat Zim Moves.

Cat is a yoga teacher based in Penrith, Australia. Since she began teaching in 2016 Cat has been focused on making yoga more accessible and inclusive. She is passionate about breaking down the myths and misconceptions that often surround the world of yoga. In this conversation we explore her own journey to becoming a yoga teacher, how she is encouraging others to step onto the mat and the benefits of finding a physical yoga practice that is tailored to suit your body.

If you are keen to learn more about Cat’s ‘Your Body Yoga’ ten week course head over to

Cat also regularly shares great tips on how to adapt your yoga practice on Facebook and Instagram. Follow her at @catzim.moves. Her videos and reels won’t just give you great ideas but I promise they will leave you with a smile.


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