Manifesting your desires


Guest blog by NLP Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Medium, Christine Agha


So, you want to manifest something new into your life, but it feels too far out of reach at the moment, or you self-sabotage and you can’t seem to take the action that you know will support that new reality.

When I’m self-sabotaging, my brain is trying to stay comfortable and keep me safe. I know it’s because it is wanting to experience the predictable outcomes and it tries to convince me not to take the steps that I know will support my growth. 

In these moments, I’ve learnt to gently remind myself that I am completely safe in both predictability AND when we experience life outside of predictability. 

The journey gets to be fun and creative and playful and exciting BECAUSE it’s unpredictable. 

When we can accept this, we can consciously meet the two different, seemingly opposite, core needs that we have as humans.

  1. Our need for variety, spontaneity, freedom and unpredictability and;
  2. Our need for safety, security, stability, certainty and knowing.

A huge part of the journey to manifesting all that we desire is learning to become comfortable with the unknown.

I get it, it’s easier said than done!

When we want to manifest something in our lives, it’s normal human behaviour to want to know HOW it’s going to happen, WHEN it’s going to happen and ALL of the details in between.

But do you know what? 

This takes away the element of surprise that makes the journey even more delightful.

How can you enjoy the outcome if you’re not even allowing yourself to enjoy the process?

In my experience, what I’ve found is that it’s more important to simply get clear on what it is that you want. Get clear on how it would feel if that were true, what it would look like, sound like, be like. 

Build a clear vision!

Then, hand it over to the universe to support you in manifesting what you want OR SOMETHING GREATER.

And focus on FEELING those feelings throughout the entire journey.

You must become an energetic match to what it is that you want to create and to do that, you must FEEL the feelings that you would feel if you already had what you desire, AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN.

One thing that I’ve learnt in the 9 years of mindset coaching, energy healing and mediumship is that the HOW is none of your business.

The quantum surprises are what make the journey blissful.

And if that feels uncomfortable for you, then part of your journey also becomes about learning to become comfortable with surprise. With the uncertain and the unfamiliar.

So, to share an example.

My goal was to build a business where I get to be of service. I had more recently become aware of the satisfaction that I get in being of service to others.

I was determined to see how I could do this in a way where I was pouring from a full cup rather than trying to do it from such an empty cup. Giving from an empty cup had been what I’d done for so long.

I would make other people's happiness my priority because I believed that this made me happy. 

While that was true, I had been going about it the wrong way for so long.

I allowed that to be my sole source of my happiness. Relying on me contributing to the happiness of others for me to feel happiness.

In doing that I was giving my power away to others.

And in doing that, I was disregarding my needs and dishonouring myself. I’d end up feeling resentful and sour.

I decided that I could be open to other ways to continue being of service AFTER making myself a priority. Discovering and REMEMBERING the things that make me happy and choosing to lead, love and nurture myself outside of my comfort zone. 

I know that’s where growth happens. Where change happens. 

I chose to connect with and master my inner world first and foremost. 

After completing my Diploma in Life Coaching, I was presented with an opportunity to learn a new healing modality, Soul Psychology.

It felt really scary because of the catholic traditions that I had been raised by. It felt so unfamiliar and unknown. I wasn’t quite sure whether this aligned with my faith.

Something deeper within me though, was so very curious.

As time went on and I opened myself up to new experiences in a way that often gave me a small sense of safety, I allowed myself to experience uncertainty regularly. 

Sometimes it was careful, small steps and other times I was deep diving.

The direct experiences that I was having in that process allowed me to form a new level of belief in these laws of the universe and laws of energy because I was witnessing what I would have previously called a miracle.

Healing physically, healing from anxiety and depression, emotionally becoming more in control, tapping into strength, and patience, and courage. Manifesting amazing situations.

And these miracles were happening on a daily basis.

LIFE became a miracle and miracles became the new normal.

Now, if you told me that this would be the process that I would go through and I would let go of my attachment to religion and the faith that I was brought up with, and that I would embrace a new belief system that would allow me to experience life in a whole new level of joy and freedom and love, I would’ve said no way! I’m out!

I wouldn’t have been open to the process because it would’ve felt way too scary.

But instead, rather than knowing what the journey would look like, and knowing the HOW, I SURRENDERED to possibility. I opened myself up each and every day, each and every moment and that was a consistent practice that I held myself accountable for because I knew at some deeper unconscious level that this would allow me true freedom.

Now that I’ve experienced this level of transformation personally and spiritually. Now that I’ve witnessed and facilitated transformation for hundreds of my clients, I’m able to facilitate change in a way that empowers them because I’ve experienced it firsthand and the evidence from my clients continued to compound over time in my practice as I trusted myself enough to hold that connection with the Divine and Spirit and faith in a different way that I’ve ever known before.

This has been the foundation of my business growth and creating a life that I absolutely love living as the best version of myself. 

People can feel when you are in such firm belief about what you do and when they are ready to experience that kind of change and it’s usually when they’ve had enough of being in the stuckness for so long.

They can feel your high vibration and your energy and they’re almost magnetized to your work and they’re willing to show up and do the work within themselves.

That’s generally the place on their journey that I meet them.

If there’s one thing that I’d love you to walk away with from this blog post and the podcast interview, it’s this; you have everything that you need WITHIN YOU. You are strong. You are powerful. You are courageous. You are worth doing the inner work for. You are loved and loveable. You are worthy of having all that you want. You are worthy of deep, unconditional love.

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