8 of my favourite wellness apps


Setting aside time for yourself each day is so beneficial to your wellbeing, but often falls to the wayside in our busy lives. Why not make wellness easier by using one of these apps to seamlessly incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your day. Here are 8 of my favourites to get you started.

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Calm is the one-stop shop for daily guided meditations in varying durations and Sleep Stories – meditations narrated by your favourite celebrities to lull you into deep sleep. Calm also offers mindfulness masterclasses from leading experts and original playlists and soundscapes to help you sleep or deepen your focus. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it is completely free!

If you’re wanting to get into meditation, Headspace is an easy and popular way to get started. It has guided meditations suitable for all levels and mindfulness techniques to help you move through exercise or wind down at night before sleeping. Subscriptions are $19.99 a month or $91.99 per year.

Like Headspace, Shine has a full library of guided meditations spanning different topics like creativity, confidence and strengthening relationships to help you cultivate your mindfulness practice. Shine also allows you to track your mood and even provides journal prompts based on your mood to help you get those emotions out on paper. Shine subscriptions are $24.15 monthly or $103.35 for an annual plan.

Five-minute journal
This is a psychology-based digital journal developed to improve your mood each day through gratitude journaling. Daily quotes, journaling prompts, and weekly challenges create a fun and encouraging journaling experience, and the premium subscription includes a mood tracker and an option to include a daily photo or video in your journal.

This clever app allows you to book into fitness classes in your area without having to commit to a weekly membership to each studio, meaning you can shop around until you’ve found a studio that works for you, or you can go online with their on-demand workout classes. In addition to fitness classes like yoga and Pilates, ClassPass can also be used to book massages, hair, nails and other wellness appointments.

More than just your average habit-tracker, Fabulous helps build healthy rituals into your life through its range of features: daily planner and to-do list, journal, daily affirmations, habit tracker and goal tracker. Upgrading to the paid version also allows you access to their one-on-one coaching series specifically targeting different aspects of your health.

Feel better | Deliciously Ella
This gorgeous app is all you need to follow a wholesome lifestyle, with 800+ plant-based recipes, meal plans, mindfulness techniques, wellness tracker and breathwork all included in one place. Even better, you get access to a range of yoga, Pilates, barre and cardio classes in the app as well! Subscriptions are $5.49 monthly or $44.99 per year.

Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body
This free app is full of yoga workouts and flows to help get you started on your yoga journey, catering to all level of experience. Each yoga class is voice-guided, and the app can be integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts too. Perfect for those who want to get into yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Need a few extra pieces to complete your yoga and mindfulness experience at home? My goodies can help with that! Click the link to explore my yoga and wellbeing products.

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