Interview on the Cat Zim Moves Podcast – I Can Always Do Something...


Join me as I talk with Catherin from Cat Zim Moves on her podcast “I can always do something stupid’.  In this interview I share how I overcame my self-limiting beliefs, deal with the niggling voice that is imposter syndrome and what I do to let down my hair…even though people might think I am a little bit crazy doing it!

Hosted by Catherin Zimbounellis, the ‘I can always do something stupid’ podcast is designed to make you laugh, share insights, challenge stereotypes and social myths and look at the limiting beliefs we often let define us. It also aims to remind us how fun doing stupid things can be and encourages us embrace our silly sides more and make time to do things that make us laugh all the way down to our boots (or perhaps that should be thongs!)!


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