Tips on when and how to smudge

Some of the most common questions I get asked when I am out and about at markets are about how and when to smudge.

With this in mind I thought I would share some tips and ideas with you.

Smudge burning in brass bowl against black background with green folage showing in left hand corner

How smudge

  1. Make sure the space you are smudging is well ventilated. Before you start you might also like to set an intention for your smudging.
  2. Holding the handle of your smudge or Palo Santo stick, light the end with a candle, match or lighter.
  3. Allow the end to remain alight with flame for a few seconds and then gently wave to extinguish. IMPORTANT – always hold the burning or smoking end of the stick over a fireproof container such as a ceramic bowl or Abalone shell to catch falling ash.
  4. After smudging yourself first, walk around the space gently waving your stick to move the smoke around the room.
  5. Take your time and get into the corners, nooks and crannies, where stagnant energy can build up. You can use a feather to help waft the smoke or your hand if you prefer.
  6. When you are finished, snuff the stick by pressing it into sand, a fire proof bowl or Abalone shell. Alternatively, leave the stick in the bowl/shell, allowing it to smoulder until it extinguishes naturally (just remember not to leave it unattended).
  7. You can relight and repeat this process until the stick has completely burned.

When to smudge
Here are some examples of when you might like to draw on the power of smudging.

  • Clearing the energy of a space of old, stagnant or negative energy
  • At the end or start end of a key phase in your life, such as starting a new job, letting go a partnership or to bless a new home
  • Cleansing your mala and other sacred objects
  • Sealing in the positive energy you want to be surrounded with
  • Releasing illness or negative emotions
  • Dissipating the energy after an argument or unwanted interaction
  • Removing blockages to encourage positive or healing energy to enter
  • Purifying your energy before doing a meditation or yoga practice

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